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In the Netherlands it is the temporary work agency who can fire you at any moment, but also your landlord. Most temporary work agencies abuse/force the Dutch law and from their double capacity deprive migrant workers from sizeable amounts of their salaries. They are allowed to retain money to provide migrant workers with accommodation and under this guise they may keep up to 30% of the salary on so-called fines.

FNV has uncountable of examples of abuse and can only conclude that migrant workers are a business model before they even carry out their first hour of work. Masses of migrant workers are housed in overcrowded, bad housing units and barracks. They can only hope for honest work and a better future.


Many migrant workers are cut off from a better future by temporary work agencies. The total number of migrant workers in the Netherlands is at an estimated 500.000. But nobody knows the numbers exactly because migrant workers are not registered in a municipality in the Netherlands. Namely, most temporary work agencies forbid them to do so.

Since the 1st May 2019 FNV spoke to hundreds of migrant workers from Randstad, Tempoteam, Level One, Covebo and Inperson. Everyone we spoke to was forbidden to register at the municipality. Many told FNV that they want to be treated equally to Dutch people but in practice even the right to reside is taken away in this manner.


The abuse stories that the FNV has collected in discussions with migrant workers has grown in record time into a huge collection. To share a small fridge with 6 people is already impossible, but a €250 fine for losing the bike key is perhaps more ludicrous. Until people hear how you have to share your bedroom with a total stranger, who sometimes may have a day shift, while you work night shifts.

And then there are the guards which are called coordinators by the agencies. They can trespass your house at any moment for checks and for giving out fines. But if you need an ambulance at night then the coordinators are nowhere to be found to open the gate barriers to the property. The buildings, parks, apartments and the other forms of accommodation are according to the FNV a low point in the Dutch civilization. You can translate criminal in any language!


The energy transition in all its forms will bring about an increase in employment in the Netherlands. FNV wants that the jobs thus created will be real jobs. Together all workers in the Netherlands need to stand guard so that these new jobs won’t be hollowed out by exploiting workers out of their rights. That is why we plea for a separation between employer and landlord. It is in the interest of migrant workers and Dutch workers that they are not forced into a race to the bottom in rights and working conditions. Become a member of FNV!

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labor migrants work in the Netherlands.


Often living onder poor conditions, pay high rents and don’t have any privacy.

1 / 5

doesn’t even earn 10 euros per hour.

Bart Plaatje, Campaign leader FNV:

“The conditions under which those people have to live are miserable”

“There was a stain in the shower and I had to pay 80 euros to have the shower cleaned”

Dawid, Zeewolde / De Stentor, 09-07-2019

Bron: Phaedra Werkhoven, De Stentor, 09-07-2019. 

Migrant workers in Zeewolde are tired of it: "It feels like we live in a stable, with a number on our ears."

Migrant workers in Zeewolde are tired of the conditions under which they have to work and live. Today they complained to (deputy) mayor Winnie Prins of Zeewolde. ,, It feels like we live in a stable, with a number on our ears and are transported to where we have to deliver the work. Without really having any rights. You don’t have a choice, you have to, “says Carlos from Spain.

Bron: Erna Bosschart, FNV, 20-02-2020

Spanish labor migrants Adecco in Oosterhout treated like cattle

Together with the FNV, Spanish migrant workers will offer a ‘black book’ to the mayor and aldermen of Oosterhout on Thursday 20 February. In the black book, abuses have been reported about the accommodation by employment agency Adecco. Adecco places too many people in one house. Labor migrant Jesus Castillejo: “If you complain about this, you will be fired immediately. We are hardworking people, but we are treated like cattle.”

Bron: NRC, Bram Endedijk, 20-03-2020


‘You had to be in the Netherlands’, David Viliça heard. Nice people, all those cyclists and of course make good money. A dreamland, that’s how he saw it. 24-year-old Viliça from Portugal went to work for employment agency Adecco, which deployed him to a logistics company where he puts clothes in packages. But since the corona virus, the Portuguese only wants one thing: to go home. “The virus can infect anyone, I hear everywhere. But it feels as if we as foreign workers don’t matter. We are a number. ”

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