Matter of civilization

KWESTIE VAN BESCHAVING – kwestia społecznej odpowiedzialności – O chestiune de civilizaţie

In the Netherlands it is the temporary work agency who can fire you at any moment, but also your landlord.  FNV has uncountable of examples of abuse and can only conclude that migrant workers are a business model before they even carry out their first hour of work. Masses of migrant workers are housed in overcrowded, bad housing units and barracks. They can only hope for honest work and a better future.

Great victory for migrant workers in the Netherlands.

Good news! Great victory for migrant workers in the Netherlands. For many years migrant workers have been exploited in the Netherlands. Temp agencies are both their employers and landlords and as a result can do as they please with migrant workers. Without reason temp agencies can sack migrant workers and literally put them in the street. This fact gives employers a lot of power and enables them to make huge profits at the cost of the migrant worker. Your union, the FNV, together with migrant workers stood up against this injustice. Migrant workers told their stories to mayors, local politicians, members of the Dutch and European parliaments and the bosses of the temp agencies. Every time they hammered on the need to separate the roles of employer and landlord, of bed and bread. And with great effect!

On February 11th 2021 a majority of the Dutch parliament voted in favor of separating bed and bread. This means that from now on every migrant worker will receive separate contracts for rent and for employment. This gives migrant workers rights as renters and means they can’t be immediately evicted when they lose their job. Separating bed & bread gives migrant workers security, while breaking the power of the temp agencies. Ofcourse work and housing can still be offered as a package deal, the only thing that changes are the rights of migrant workers. Separting bed & bread brings balance to the package deal.

This vote still has to be turned into law by the Dutch state. This is not a matter of days, stay up to date here through Kwestie van Beschaving on Facebook Want to know more? Send you contact details to: and make an appointment with one of our FNV organizers.


Together we can improve the living and working environment for migrant workers. That is a matter of civilization. Do you have suggestions, tips or do you have photos that we can use? Get in touch here.

Tell the real story!

Only migrant workers can tell the real story of a migrant worker life.

Working together for a better civilization!

Together we go to municipalities, housing companies and employers.


The Netherlands needs to know that temporary employment agencies are bad landlords.Migrant workers deserve a safe home. That is a matter of civilization. Mail us your photos and videos of poor housing.

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“Count on us as FNV, we are right beside you as long as you need us!” 

“Your employer should never be your landlord and vice versa.”

Bart Plaatje, Campaign leader FNV

The Story So Far

We achieved several successes during our campaign. The story so far can be seen in the video (below) and on our youtube channel.

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